1500m3/h cutter suction dredger

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City:   Shanghai
Model:   1500m3/h cutter suction dredger


Ship type: cutter suction dredger

Built time: 1979, rebuilt in 2007.05

Built place: Japan

Class: ZC

Flag: China

LOA: 107m

LBP: 67.0m

Breadth: 18m

Depth: 4.5m

Draft: 3.4m

Light displacement: 12000m3/h

Dredging capacity(dry earth): 1500m3/h

Max dredging depth: 27m

Mini dredging depth: 7m

Transfer capacity: 6km

Diameter of transfer pipe: 750mm(in and out)

Whole equipment: 9700ps

Pump M/E: 7200ps

Pump A/E: 610ps

Cutter head: 1500ps

Oil consumption: 13t/day

Actual dredging capacity: 3000m3/day

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